Scott is the co-founder and CEO of Typetura, a company focused on digital typesetting. He started Typetura because he was unsatisfied with the current landscape of web typography. Growing up with dyslexia, reading has been a challenge for Scott, but with an affinity for design and a relentless strive for improvement, Scott gravitated towards typography. Having begun his career at the age of 15, he started showing his teachers how to use Adobe PageMaker on their early Mac OS X machines, and discovered an affinity for type as part of his high school design explorations. He went on to work with some of the most well-known type designers and typographers in the business, including Joshua Darden, Roger Black, and Tim Brown. He further honed a craft for editorial and web design at Vox Media, where he helped launch/relaunch Vox, Chorus, SB Nation, and Racked, along with leading editorial design projects at The Verge, Polygon, and SB Nation. With Typetura, he blends his love of web technologies and type together, creating richer and more effective typographic solutions.

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