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Scott Kellum

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Scott Kellum is the founder of Typetura, a typography as a service company offering both bespoke and ready-made typographic solutions. With over 15 years of design experience across type, editorial, digital, and print design; Scott’s experience gives him a unique perspective on the typographic challenges and opportunities in the design industry. He has invented multiple web technologies, holds two patents, and has contributed to major projects at Vox Media, Darden Studio, and Roger Black Studio. These accomplishments include inventing dynamic typographic systems, high impact ad formats, new parallax techniques, and the fluid typesetting technology that powers Typetura itself.

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Tending to your Root Styles

A good foundation makes for excellent typography. To create a solid foundation, put font styles on the root of your document, the html. Deciding when to apply styles to either body or html can be confusing. Styles in both places seem to behave in an identical fashion so why does this even matter? It comes down to three things — managing inheritance, consolidation of inherited styles with viewport styles, and rem sizing.


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