Stop redesigning, keep designing

Designers, myself included, tend to have a Sisyphus complex with our personal websites. We slave away for days, weeks, months, trying to perfect our sites to be the most awesome things ever and once they go live everything short of perfection is a total failure in our minds. Instead of fixing parts, the whole thing usually goes out the window for the next website to take its place. A lot of this is driven by changing design fashion, poor planning, and a lack of persistence to revise the imperfections. This itch to redesign has been featured on The Industry and is an all too common. Jonnie Hallman just announced his site redesign in witch he wrote goals to make sure his site is well structured to combat the itch to redesign later. The conclusion CJ Melegrito comes to in his Industry article is to be confident in your design and Jonnie has aimed for a similar goal.

While I think Jonnies site is beautiful and elegant enough to stand up to the test of time I think complete confidence in a design isn’t the ultimate answer. When we run into problems our mind should never jump straight to redesigning, instead it should look at the problems and then how to fix them. Evolving a design is a much more powerful tool than redesigning and a total redesign indicates a fundamental flaw in both site architecture and planning. But no matter how much planning goes into a site nothing is perfect, especially from a clean reboot, and having the persistence to fix those imperfections will create a better experience. The persistence to carry your design forward is just as if not more important than the initial design phase.

This site, as it exists now, is built to evolve. It is not perfect by any means and it never will be. I am at peace with that and will work when I can to improve it and I encourage everyone reading this to be at peace with what they have and next time you get the re-design itch try evolving your design instead of starting from scratch.